Luxury backpacks for you!


Everyone wants to make impression in his public appearances. First impression is not matter of how the body of the person is. It is matter how this person is dressed with.

This is the reason why people dress and want to look their best every second of the day. From clothing and shoes to accessories and bags, each and every piece of their dressing should make a good impression. Also important is to provide comfort and showcase their style.

The luxury backpacks are very important aspect of clothing. In our days, whether it is man or woman, almost everyone prefers to carry a luxury backpack with him. Just like clothes, material that the luxury backpacks are made from, has changed regularly with each decade. But one is still on the top of our choices: the fine leather. Excellent quality leather is the king of materials.

Luxury Backpacks by Alexquisite

Whether it is handcrafted bag or not, almost every luxury brand has its own line of natural material luxury backpacks. However, Alexquisite is quite different from other luxury backpacks brands. Rather than making fashionable backpacks or totes, Alexquisite has created bags that can used by people of any age and place. The _ONE series by fur and leather is the luxury backpacks which you will love to carry on. The _ONE series has daily use leather backpacks, handcrafted fur totes, classy bags for special occasions.

Being durable and one of a kind, Alexquisite luxury backpacks are perfect for people with love to luxury and minimalism at the same time. You can have them for every kind of use. They are chic. They are hancrafted with love from Alexquisite!

Alexquisite is the creative brand and brainchild of Greek designer Alexandros Kotoulas. Alexquisite stands for superior quality, handmade leather goods and intelligent design that is tailor-made to the needs and tastes of a contemporary, mobile aesthete.